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Social media IS EVERYWHERE. Popular with both individuals and companies, in 2019, the average individual spent 144 minutes a day on social networking.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, this number is undoubtedly higher than that. So if you aren't using social media as a small business, you definitely should be, and if you are using social media, you need to START! DO. NOT. PANIC! Having a clear social media strategy can help you have clear goals online and take the guesswork out of creating content. It can also provide exposure to new customers and, at the same time, increase brand loyalty to those who already love you! So, stay with me and see the main reasons why it is essential to use social media for business. Let's run through some benefits of using social media for your small business. The speed of social media. Launching a campaign, new product, or offer on social media is a great way to get your message out to your followers and target audience. If you have a following online, they already know your brand and are probably more likely to buy from you, so social media can be a great tool to reach them. Connecting with your customers! Do you know every single one of your customers personally? If you do, great! But most business owners don't, and if you run an online business, you might not ever meet every customer. However, social media helps you to be able to connect with your customers, and they can interact with you and you with them! Not sure about a new product you want to offer. Guess what your followers are right there... why not ask them what they want? Demographics Did you know that 3.8 billion people use social media? That is about half of the world's population. That means that if you have a specific target audience and are struggling to find how to reach them, you can probably use targeting through social media. Almost free. The use of social media platforms is free, one of the significant advantages of social media. There are advertising options, there are, of course, costs to advertising, but you are "in control" when it comes to the budget to spend. Social media is MEASURABLE! Whether you are looking for fully created reports or just want to see if your content has been well received by your followers, social media can provide you will instant reports. The easiest way to know if you customers like your content is if they are 'liking', 'sharing', ' commenting' or showing some other form of interactions with your brand. You can also track how many followers you have and see the demographics of your followers. As a small business owner, you have probably been making decisions based on data and social media is no different. Use the data available to you to create content that connects. Building a network: Finding where your target audience is and what platform they use is HUGE! It is essential for building a network; this network consists of people who are interested in your company, your service, or your product. This network is necessary to spread your story, increasing your viral reach and, ultimately, YOUR BRAND.

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